User Application

Formerly known as the "New User Application"

When do I need to fill out a User Application?

You need to fill out a user application if you:

  • Are a newly hired staff or faculty member
  • A returning employee who was previously terminated (stopped employment as compared to on extended leave)
  • Are transferring to a different position

The User Application

Below is a link to download the user application as a fill-able PDF file. Please make sure you enter in as much information on the form as possible before you print it. Except for the signatures, all fields must be typed and not hand written. Once you have filled out the form, click on the print button, get it signed, send it and any supporting documentation to DCS in inter-campus mail.

Note: If your Email, Datatel, or Voice mail account is not accessed within 30 days of notification of setup, it is subject for deletion without prior notice.

Note: If you need access to Datatel or ImageNow and you are in one of the following position types, you must include the "Live Scan" document you received when you had your fingerprinting done. Ask your supervisor if your unsure if you need to be fingerprinted. Not including your "Live Scan" when necessary will slow the processing of your application.

  • Part-Time Hourly
  • Student Employee
  • Classified Hourly
  • Other

User Application (Version 6.1, 09/12/2016)