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Project Prioritization Timeline 2019 - 2020

TESS receives requests for technology projects three times per year.

  Fall Spring Summer
Project Prioritization Steps (10, 11, 12, 01) (02, 03, 04, 05) (06, 07, 08, 09)
Project Request Deadline 08/31/2019 01/11/2020 04/12/2020
TESS Managers 09/06/2019 01/17/2020 04/17/2020
TESS Executive Committee 09/13/2019 01/24/2020 05/08/2020
Chancellor’s Cabinet Next Available Meeting Next Available Meeting Next Available Meeting
Published Scheduled Project List 10/04/2019 02/14/2020 05/22/2020

Requestors should communicate their needs for IT projects (including those identified in grant proposals) as soon as possible to ensure that their projects are considered in the prioritization process in a timely fashion.

Current Project Prioritization

Listing of Active "Internal Projects"
for 10/04/2019 thru 02/14/2020

Priority Order Project / Description

Project: Data Warehouse implementation

Description: This project is to implement a district-wide data warehouse that researchers from both colleges and district can utilize to create dashboards, reports and other tools that aide in informed decisions. This project entails integrating data from various sources such as our student information system and our fiscal enterprise resource system.


Project: Chart of Accounts (ERP)

Description: With the implementation of the District’s new ERP system there have been district wide changes that need to be reflected in Colleague.  The District has chosen to change the Chart of Account string to be more in line with the State’s numbering schema found in the California Community Colleges Taxonomy of Programs.

Currently the colleges create contracts for their hourly and overload faculty that are printed out and sent to payroll.  If the system is not updated with the new Account numbers, then they will be wrong on the contracts.  Also the changes to the string schema should also be reflected in enrollment fees, financial aid awards, scholarships and sponsorships.


Project: SLOCloud Service Area Outcomes (SAO)

Description: The purpose of this project is to update SLO Cloud to accommodate the entry of data and information related to program-level outcomes of service areas such as EOPS, maintenance, Library, etc…This is necessary for the 2016 follow-up report o ACCJC stating that a newly implemented cloud tool to accommodate service area outcomes was underway. The colleges wish to be able to demonstrate the use of the tool for their Midterm Repot to the commission. Currently there is no common repository for SAOs and every service areas process is different. The process for SAOs is not transparent to the college as a whole.


Project: BOG Eligibility between campuses

Description: To comply with Title 5 regulations, the District must implement a process to identify students within the district who fail to meet the academic and progress standards for BOGFW and Priority Registration eligibility.  This request is made pursuant to the California Code of Regulations, Section 58621(a)(1) - Loss of Eligibility, which states: "Districts shall adopt policies providing that a student who is otherwise eligible for a Board of Governors (BOG) Fee Waiver shall become ineligible if the student is placed on academic or progress probation, as defined in section 55031(a) or (b), or any combination thereof for two consecutive primary terms" to determine if the student should be disqualified for BOGFW and Priority Registration at the two colleges.  The district does not currently have a way to automatically remove BOGFW/Priority Registration eligibility based on the student's probationary status.

Currently, the district is out of compliance with Title 5 regulations.


Project: CCCID

Description:​ As part of the CCCApply application process, a student gets a CCCID that is meant to be unique for the state.  However, this isn’t always guaranteed.  Sometimes a student will create a different account and get a different ID when submitting other applications.  Other times they will share an account with other students and get the same ID.

Recently the state has required that student’s CCCID be provided as part of the Single Sign-On (SSO) with state service providers (i.e. Canvas, Starfish) when using the SSO proxy and currently requests that it be provided as part of MIS.  As a result, a problem has been identified in the current application import process: when an application is processed that has a different CCCID from that which is currently on a student record, the import will store all CCCIDs.  As a result, we don’t know which to use for SSO and MIS.

CCCApply has stated that they can’t guarantee unique CCCIDs.  As a result, when used with SSO and for MIS, we have been directed to send only the CCCID from the latest application for a student.


Project: Presence Student engagement software

Description: San Bernardino Valley College does not have a specific avenue in measuring student engagement.  Research has proven that engaged students are more successful in completing their educational goals.  Moreover, students who need “basic skills” are less likely to be successful because of the time it take for them to complete their educational goals.  Currently, about ninety percent of students at SBVC are basic skills students.  Ensuring that these specific students are engaged will assist in their retention and provide them with the support to complete their educational goals.  In order to support students, we need to consider the groups of students that we support.  These include traditional day time student, evening and weekend student, and online students.  Fortunately, SBVC has events that provide our traditional day time students and, at time, our evening and weekend students opportunities to engage with the college.  Further focus on online students must be addressed.


Project: Faculty Contacts Module

Description:​ Need to adjust adjunct salary schedule in Colleague from single part-time instructional and non-instructional rates to a three tiered salary schedule for instructional and non-instructional part-time faculty.


Project: Campus Logic

Description:​ Financial Aid offices experience a high volume of student files that need to be processed.  Currently students may submit their documents in person so that financial aid staff can ensure that documents are completed.  With CampusLogic, students can submit and sign documents via their phone, tablet and computer.  CampusLogic will not allow students so submit their documents for processing until all documents are complete.  This will eliminate the need for students to submit documents to our office during operating hours.  This will reduce the office traffic and prevent students from submitting incomplete files.  CampusLogic will notify students of missing documents or files that still need to be completed by email and text.  Reminder emails and text will be sent out to students on a continuous basis.

Priority Order Project / Description

Project: SLOCloud enhancement – track at student level

Description: In order to address Standard IB6 and improve student success by informing teaching, learning, and curriculum Crafton faculty have identified the following categories to disaggregate student learning outcomes data by: delivery mode (online, face-to-face, hybrid), section length (number of weeks, short-term), and section specific strategy (linked, compressed, SLA, LCs, etc.). All of this information is currently available in the SLO Cloud. However, faculty also identified the following: gender, ethnicity, and economically disadvantaged status. In order to be able to track outcomes by student demographics the SLO Cloud needs to be enhanced so that SLO results are tracked at the student level, not just at the section level, while at the same time providing the option to enter outcomes results at the section or the student level.


Project: Building numbers in online schedules – CHC

Description:​ CHC is wanting to add the building numbers to all schedules to make it easier on students to get around campus

Listing of Active "Vendor Projects"
for 10/04/2019 thru 02/14/2020

Priority Order Project / Description

Project: EPTDAS

Description: This project request comes from CHC as they signed on to be a pilot college for the CCCCO’s Education Planning and Degree audit initiative. This initiative creates a centralized platform that all 112 CCC’s can eventually make use of that encompasses Degree Audit, Ed Planning, Early Alert and Connect.


Project: District Website Redesign

Description: The district website has not been updated with a new design in at least 7 years. The redesign will give the district website a new look, feel and features. Funds were identified for this through program review


Project: CourseLeaf

Description: SBVC has an outdated process in regards to it’s curriculum and catalog.  Faculty enter their curriculum into CurricUNET after receiving approval from the Curriculum Committee and the Board of Trustees.  A member of the office of Instruction then enters the data at the State Chancellor’s office.  The Schedule/Catalog specialist then takes what was board approved and manually enters this into the catalog which is currently a Word document.  With the high number of proposals the Curriculum Committee reviews and approves each semester, items get lost in the work flow.

SBVC is looking to procure/implement an Electronic Catalog, Curriculum and Scheduling management software system to help automate and streamline the workflow

Priority Order Project / Description