Training is provided on supported systems by four different groups:

  1. Power Users

    Power users are people within a department who have been trained, and have in-depth experience, in the application for which training is needed. These people are able to not only train other users in the details of using the system, they have an advanced ability to help other users integrate the way the system works with the processes and procedures that have been implemented within their own departments.
  2. Professional Development Center Coordinators (PDCC)

    PDCC manage training on their campuses for a wide variety of training needs. These are the people DCS works through when developing, scheduling, and delivering training on a campus. PDCC corrordinate training for academic and office productivity systems such as those from Microsoft, Adobe, Kerzweil, and others.

  3. System Vendors

    System vendors are contracted in certain circumstances to provide traiining workshops on their products, or specified functions of their products. Training may be provided during new system implementations to technical staff and/or departmental staff. Vendors may also be engaged for specific training on functions where DCS staff do not have sufficient expertise or where time does not permit DCS staff to do the training themselves. In any event, vendor training is always used for specific short-term training engagements.
  4. District Computing Services User Liaisons

    User Liaisons are DCS staff who are usually mid-way between power users and technical staff.  They have a level of technical expertise that allows them to understand many of the basic concepts that underlay the applications they support. User Liaisons also understand many of the processes and procedures the form the basic for how the software is used within departments. However, because they support many systems and are not permanently placed within a single department, power users will understand local processes in a much more detailed manner. Thus, whenever possible, Users Liaisons will partner with Power Users to deliver training to end user groups.