SBCCD's use of SLOCloud

SBCCD uses a heavily modified version of SLOCloud. The project only had a front end demo with no back end available when we started, but the idea of simple SLO reporting really resonated with Crafton Hills College (CHC) and San Bernardino Valley College (SBVC). Both CHC and SBVC are currently using it.


A functional demo of our version of SLOCloud is available. There is the simple configuration which is designed for SBVC and the rubric configuration in use by CHC.


Source is released under GPLv2 on github!

Additional Features/Changes

We added the following features:

  • SLOs stored in SQL Server using Doctrine
  • Export all SLOs to a CSV or TSV file
  • Two different SLO models supported
    • Simple - very similar to the original
    • Rubric - uses a 4 level rubric to score each SLO statement
  • Ability to add more SLO models should the need arise
  • Per model mapping of SLOs to Program Learning Outcomes (PLO), Institution Learning Outcomes (ILO) (Core Competencies(CC) for Simple), and General Education Outcomes (GEO) (Rubric only)
  • Summary report for ILOs/CCs/GEOs
  • Ability to securely login via an LDAP account
  • Emails a copy of the SLO to the submitter when secured with LDAP
  • Responsive for tablet resolutions and above

We made the following changes:

  • Removed the MVPReady theme that is no longer free and went back to vanilla Bootstrap

Future Plans

Future changes may include:

  • Ability to input SAOs
  • Manage SLO Statement, PLO, ILO, CC, and GEO data via the web
  • Extend to per student SLOs (per recent Accreditation change)

Software Used

The following open source software is used in this version of SLOCloud:


You can contact the developer Jason Brady at or (909) 384-8691. The SLO coordinator for CHC is Keith Wurtz ( or (909) 389-3206) and for SBVC is Celia Huston ( or (909) 384-8574).