Project Request and Prioritization Process Overview

  1. Users may submit project requests by completing a “Project Request Form” located at and submitting it to The TESS Administrative Assistant will review the request for completeness and will send a note to the requestor acknowledging receipt. Incomplete forms will be returned to the requestor for completion. Incomplete forms will not be considered;
  2. Every two weeks, TESS Managers will review all project requests. The Associate Vice-Chancellor of TESS will assign project requests to one of the TESS Managers, as appropriate;
  3. Once a manager is assigned a project, the manager will arrange to meet with the requestor (within 2 weeks) to discuss the project and clarify scope, cost, level of effort, deliverables, etc;
  4. Quarterly, the TESS Managers will jointly review all project requests received for that quarter and develop a consolidated project priority list based on pre-defined criteria that has been agreed to with the TESS Executive Committee. The consolidated project priority list will then be forwarded as a recommendation to the TESS Executive Committee;
  5. The TESS Executive Committee will review the TESS Managers’ recommendations and make changes as they deem appropriate.* The TESS Executive Committee will forward their recommendations to the Chancellor’s Cabinet for final approval;
  6. Once approved, the Associate Vice-Chancellor of TESS will publish a “Scheduled Project List.”
  7. In the event a project is not approved by the TESS Managers or TESS Executive Committee or requestor rescinds request, written notification will be sent to the requestor no later than two weeks following the TESS Executive Committee meeting.

Click for accessible PDF of the Special Project Prioritization Workflow