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State/Federally Mandated Projects

State and federally mandated projects will always have top priority. In the event a state/federally mandated project is imposed upon the District, the project will take priority over other projects. Obviously, the addition of an unanticipated project may impact the timeline of other projects on the “Scheduled Project List.”

Any and all federal/state mandates received by the District that require IT related services will be first vetted by the District MIS Committee. Once the MIS Committee understands the nature, scope, and impact of the request, the committee chair will submit the project request for the mandate.

Unlike “Special Projects,” there is no question that state/federally mandated projects need to be implemented. Such mandates may be received at inopportune times and may need to be acted upon immediately and thus fall outside the prioritization process outlined for “Special Projects.” Subsequently, federal/state mandates workflow requires the Executive Director of TESS to establish the priority of federal/state mandates with the Vice-Presidents and other necessary managers/staff as appropriate to the mandate.

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